Orchard Riviera

Grand Launch on
9 December 2023, 10:00 WIB

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As we began our journey back in 2018, we seek to create a mountainside, masterpiece. A home that elegantly combines luxury and art, without compromise to either sentiments. We collaborated with excellent partners who understood our vision and transformed the abstract concepts — of hypotheticals and subliminal senses — into the epitome of excellence. Five years later, we have achieved significant milestones.

We launched Tanglin Parc in 2020 and Newton Springs in 2021, and have been graced with international awards and recognitions. Despite the honours and acclaims, our priority and ultimate goal have been and will always our homebuyers.

We have had the privilege of speaking with multiple residents of Tanglin Parc and Newton Springs. Amongst the smiles of families who seek the best growing environment for their loved ones, as well as many empty nesters whose eyes now glow with excitement in every waking holiday-life moment, we have received one consistent feedback. The hopes of hundreds that grew so rapidly that the prayers became too loud to ignore …

“We want something better.”

Through two years of design refinement and pursuit of excellence, we believe we have done it. A dream rediscovered, a passion reignited, standing on firm principles of integrity, of innovation, and of excellence, we present to you our latest mountainside masterpiece: Orchard Riviera.

Developed with love,
The Sanctuary Collection

Elegance Elevated

orchard riviera riverside
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orchard riviera siteplan
Site Plan

Over 9.0 Hectares of pure unadulterated mountainside and riverside experience, we seek perfection in landscape through boulevard green buffers, family-oriented amenities, 700m-long jogging paths, and an overall luxurious experience.

orchard riviera
Entrance gate

Our principles lay firm upon solid ground. Balancing the trifecta of luxury, the best, and holiday mood, we welcome residents to Orchard Riviera through the grand entrance gate. Aside from the luxuriously-designed structure, we believe that security for residents are second to none.

orchard riviera sport parc
sports parc

With our masterplan centered around well-being, community building, and placemaking, we have created a Sports Parc for all residents to enjoy. Complete with tennis court and basketball courts, residents are able to work out a sweat with your friends and loved ones.

main clubhouse

Priceless evening moments are further complimented with The Sanctuary Collection Main Clubhouse. Never miss a moment as you rest with your children watching the sun set into the mountains.

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elegant homes

Within the parcel lies our crown jewel; the magnificently-designed mountainside-masterpiece homes. Designed by world-renowned DP Architects, we have the opportunity to interview the men behind the gun to detail the homes so preciously designed.

“This secure ecological sanctuary offers a rejuvenating atmosphere, seamlessly merging modernity with the beauty of nature. Our thoughtfully curated living spaces blend modern elements, providing a spacious and inviting environment for a comfortable and contemporary living experience. This creates a revitalizing atmosphere that encourages you to embrace a lifestyle where the soothing greenery becomes an extension of your living space. Orchard Riviera ensures that living sustainably is a delightfully fulfilling experience.”

Tan Chee Kiang
Director at DP Architects

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the sanctuary collection
Experience yourself the unique ambience at The Sanctuary Collection where everything is better.

Selamat! Anda satu langkah lebih dekat ke rumah idaman Anda yang menghadapi pegunungan, dengan konsep back-to-nature, lokasi yang strategik, dan kualitas premium internasional!

Selamat! Anda satu langkah lebih dekat ke rumah idaman Anda yang menghadapi pegunungan, dengan konsep back-to-nature, lokasi yang strategik, dan kualitas premium internasional!